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The Dark and Hollow Places (Forest of Hands and Teeth #3)

The Dark and Hollow Places - Carrie Ryan

There are many things that Annah would like to forget: the look on her sister's face when she and Elias left her behind in the Forest of Hands and Teeth, her first glimpse of the horde as they found their way to the Dark City, the sear of the barbed wire that would scar her for life. But most of all, Annah would like to forget the morning Elias left her for the Recruiters. 

Annah's world stopped that day and she's been waiting for him to come home ever since. Without him, her life doesn't feel much different from that of the dead that roam the wasted city around her. Then she meets Catcher and everything feels alive again. 

Except, Catcher has his own secrets—dark, terrifying truths that link him to a past Annah's longed to forget, and to a future too deadly to consider. And now it's up to Annah—can she continue to live in a world drenched in the blood of the living? Or is death the only escape from the Return's destruction?



I really didn't know what to expect from this book and really had no idea how the trilogy would end. I really enjoyed this first book of the trilogy and I loved the second book and I couldn't really see how the author would be able to top The Dead-Tossed Waves. I didn't like this book more than the second but I loved it just as much.
I was a little disappointed to find out it was not from Gabry's POV because I really loved seeing the story from her perspective. However after a couple of chapters I was completely hooked and loved seeing the world through Annah's eyes.

Annah has always seen the dark side of the world. She feels incredibly guilty for leaving her twin sister alone in the forest of hands and teeth years ago and not knowing what happened to her. So when he comes face to face with her sister she has so many emotions to deal with. Guilt, love and even a little bit of hate that the boy she believe that she loved chose her sister over her.

I could really associate with Annah throughout the book, she has such low self-confidence after getting scarred all down one side of her body. I felt that this book concentrated more on fighting the humane evil of the recruiters rather than the Unconsecrated and I liked that. Although the Unconsecrated were a huge part of the book as they have for the entire series I got the impression that the characters were more worried about escaping the clutched of the humans and heading for a better way of life than the one they have with the Recruiters.

I really did love this book. It was action-packed and exciting and I just couldn't stop reading because I needed to know what was going to happen next. I loved the ending as it gave hope that the world could evolve and finally become better. I think it was a great optimistic ending that I am happy with for the series. It is open so that Carrie Ryan could write another and I would love it if she did but it's also a great ending where you don't need another book as you are not left wondering what is going ot happen.

A great ending to a great series that I loved. I loved diving into this dystopian world and could read this series again and again.