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Dark Days

Dark Days - Kate Ormand

The future world has been divided into sectors--each the same as the other. Surrounded by thick steel fences, there is no way in and no way out. Yet a cyborg army penetrates each sector, picking off its citizens one by one, until no one is left. Behind the sectors' thick walls, the citizens wait to die. Few will be chosen to survive what's coming; the rest will be left behind to suffer. A new world has been created, and its rulers are incredibly selective on who will become a citizen. They want only those with important roles in society to help create a more perfect future.

Sixteen-year-old Sia lives in one of the sectors as part of a family that is far too ordinary to be picked to live. According to the digital clock that towers high above her sector, she has only fifteen days to live. Sia has seen the reports and knows a horrific death is in store for her, but she is determined to make the most of her final days. Sia refuses to mourn her short life, instead promising herself that she'll stay strong, despite being suffocated by her depressed mother and her frightened best friend. Just when Sia feels more alone than ever, she meets Mace, a mysterious boy. There is something that draws Sia to him, despite his dangerousness, and together, they join a group of rebels and embark on an epic journey to destroy the new world and its machines, and to put an end to the slaughter of innocent people.




"You were somewhere I couldn't get to you and that... that kills me. If anything had happened to you there, I wouldn't have been able to protect you from it."

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me how much I adore a good dystopia novel. It's one of my all time favourite genres and if I had to choose one genre to only read that genre for the rest of my life Dystopia would probably be the one I choose. I've been looking for a really unique dystopia book to get my hands on for a while. After reading so many dystopia books you find that some of them start to seem the same and have the same kind of storyline... Dark Days is one of the most unique and fresh dystopia novels I have ever read. I loved every single second of it.

The world has been split into sectors. Each is the same as the others and they are all equal. They are surrounded by steel walls with no way in and no way out. A new world has been created and those who are not chosen for the new world will be destroyed by the new worlds cyborg army. Sia lives in a sector and has been given 15 days before the cyborg army descend. Sia has a list of things she wants to do before she dies. Just when she has resigned that she is alone and living her last days she meets Mace, the mysterious and strong boy who gives her a reason to live. Will Sia give up and wait to die or is life worth fighting for?

Dark Days is such an amazing book. I do admit there is one thing that is similar to other dystopia books and that is the fact that the world was split into sectors. There is a few other YA dystopia novels that have that happen but that is where the similarities start and end. The rest is just pure originality. I loved that we don't actually see what leads up to the announcement that the cyborg army is coming. When we start the story they are already counting down to the end.

Sia is such an awesome character. I really loved her and she grows so much throughout the book. She goes from being pretty resigned over what is going to happen to wanting to fight for her life and will even sacrifice herself if it means she can save the rest of the sector.
Mace is awesome. I loved him. He is most definitely the character that all of the girls will love. He gives Sia a new lease of life and gives her something to fight for while also wanting to protect her. He accepts that she doesn't always need protection but wants to save her anyway.

Dark Days is pure originality wrapped up in a well-written package that is everything that a dystopia fan could wish for. Kate's writing is so amazing and completely entraps you from the start and keeps you hanging on so much that you finish the book in one sitting. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen and I couldn't put the book down.

Dark Days is without a doubt a must-read. It's jampacked with heart-stopping action that has you on tenter-hooks, not able to turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going to happen and breathtaking romance that will leave you breathless. I was sucked in and took on the journey of my life. Kate Ormand had me completely and utterly in love with this book. She sucked me in right at the start and kept me enraptured until she spat me out at the end begging for more. I'm still not sure what 'more' is. The end of the book is perfect. I'd love a sequel but if there wasn't one then that would be okay too as it really is a fantastic well-rounded ending. I just want more writing from Kate.

Dark Days is a must-read. Add this one to you pre-order lists people as this one is not to be missed.

"But now I've met you, and now I have something to live for again. I don't need to go back home. You're all I want. I'll do everything I can to keep up both alive. Everything. I can't lose you."