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Pictures of Lily

Pictures of Lily - Paige Toon

'Will you marry me?' I think of you, then. I think of you every day. But usually in the quietest part of the morning, or the darkest part of the night. Not when my boyfriend of two years has just proposed. I look up at Richard with his hopeful eyes. 'Lily?' he prompts. It's been ten years, but it feels like only yesterday that you left. How can I say yes to Richard with all my heart when most of it has always belonged to you? I take a deep breath and will myself to speak...

Ten years ago when Lily was just sixteen, she fell in love with someone she really shouldn't have fallen in love with. Now, living in Sydney and engaged to another man, she can't forget the one that got away. Then her past comes back to haunt her, and she has to make a decision that will break her heart - and the heart of at least one of the men who love her.



Yet another breathtaking novel from Paige Toon. Paige Toon is proving herself to be one of the front runners of the Chick Lit genre. I just can't get enough of her books. I find all of them completely unputdownable and end up reading them in one sitting and Pictures of Lily was no different. I loved it.

Lily has lived in Sydney for two years and is in a stable relationship and is completely happy... until her boyfriend proposes. How can Lily accept Richard's proposal and say she will spend the rest of her life with him when she has never really given her whole heart to him. Lily's heart has been split since she was sixteen. When she met Ben she just fell head over heels in love with him and when he left he took half her heart with him. How can she be fully with Richard when she has never got her whole heart back from Ben. When Ben comes back into her life Lily is torn. Does she choose the stable relationship with a man who truly loves her or choose the man she never stopped loving who broke her heart? Lily much choose between her head and her heart, but not everyone's hearts will remain unscathed.

Paige Toon once again proves herself as a phenomenal author. Her writing style is unlike any I have ever read in my life in the best way. I can never put her books down and this one was no different. I loved it so much and I loved following Lily's story. Although Pictures of Lily isn't my favourite Paige Toon book I still loved it and I especially loved that we got to see Lucy and Nathan from Lucy in the Sky again. With Lucy in the Sky being my favourite book of Paige's I have to admit that was my favourite part.

My favourite part of Lily's story was without a doubt the beginning when she was 16 and her developing love with Ben. I think we definitely saw the best parts of Lily here and it really was my favourite part. Once we switched back to her adult life I missed the teenage voice of Lily and really missed Ben. I am head over heels in love with him. The sweet guy who loved animals seriously he's like perfect. I loved him the most in this book and even with the age gap between Lily and Ben I was still rooting for him. It really took a lot for me not to flick to the back of the book to find out if things worked out between them or not.

One thing I adore about Paige Toon books is that you have that urge to need to know how it is going to end for the characters so much that you have to choose between cheating and flicking to the end or just speeding through the book and turning pages so fast you think you might get whiplash. Well I chose the latter. I speed through these books like I am an addict... and I am. I am completely and utterly addicted to Paige Toon novels and she builds up the drama and tension between the characters so well that I just can't read fast enough as I must get to the end and see if it all works out. But once I get to the end I am devastated because the book is over.

Pictures of Lily was incredible. I loved that it's set in Australia. I as a Brit crave some mention of a nice hot country and I can always count on Paige's books to take me on an adventure to a different place and Australia is the best of them all. I loved having that setting especially at the beginning where Lily was working in the conservation park with all the animals. I adored reading about that. It was awesome.

The only thing that makes this one of my least favourite Paige Toon novels is that Lily just annoyed me a little towards the end of the book. How she dealt with the whole Richard/Ben thing annoyed me I felt like she just needed to make a choice rather than stringing them both along but at the same time I could understand why she did what she did.

Overall Pictures of Lily was amazing. I loved it and read it in one sitting. It's one of the best Chick Lit books I have ever read and I truly believe that Paige Toon is the best chick lit author out there. I cannot get enough of her books. They are incredible. So if you are a fan of Chick Lit and haven't read Paige Toon I highly suggest you do. They are phenomenal.

"I love you. More now than ever. I've been talking to you inside my head for the last ten years."