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Magic Study (Chronicles of Ixia #2)

Magic Study  - Maria V. Snyder

You know your life is bad when you miss your days as a poison taster...

With an execution order on her head, Yelena has no choice but to escape to Sitia, the land of her birth. With only a year to master her magic - or face death - Yelena must begin her apprenticeship and travels to the Four Towers of the Magician's Keep.

But nothing in Sitia is familiar. Not the family to whom she is a stranger. Not the unsettling new facets of her magic. Nor the brother who resents her return. As she struggles to understand where she belongs and how to control her rare powers, a rogue magician emerges - and Yelena catches his eye.

Suddenly she is embroiled in battle of good against evil. And once again it will be her magical abilities that will either save her life...or be her downfall.



"No, love. You're the only one who has caused me to do the oddest things. You have truly poisoned me."

W.O.W! I am so in love with this series. I freaking love it. I read the first installment of the Study series, Poison Study, last year and I just fell in love with it. However I just never got around until continuing the series... until now. And I am obsessed all over again. This is the first Epic Fantasy series that I have obsessed over and been unable to put them down it is THAT good.

Yelena has escaped Ixia and from being a Poison Taster and into Sitia. But meeting her family and becoming a Magic Apprentice is harder that Yelena thought. And when faces with a dangerous situation Yelena must decide between doing it her way or asking for help. Will Yelena be able to survive the unknown world of Magic or is she destined to fail?

I love love love this book. Maria V Snyder has to be one of the most talented authors I have come across... she is amazing. Her writing style is so addictive it totally captures you right from the start and totally leaves you hanging begging for more. I am totally obsessed with this series and cannot wait to read more.

Yelena has to be one of the best heroine's in YA fantasy of all time. She is strong, kick-ass and not afraid to put herself into harm's way as long as she is doing the right thing. I think she it without a doubt one of my favourite main female characters. Nothing she does is for an unjust reason and I just love her. She never sits around waiting for someone to save her she gets up and does it herself and I freaking love that about her.

Valek... AHH Valek. I love love love him. He is just so awesome and beautiful and amazing. I really missed Valek in this one and just kept reading going please appear soon... please appear soon. He is in it but not very much and I really missed him but that does not stop this book from being phenomenal.

Maria V Snyder is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. I am not the biggest epic fantasy fan and don't really read a lot of this genre but there is just something about MVS's books that is incredibly addictive and makes it unputdownable for me. She totally changes my mind about the genre and it is down to her that I am going to read more of this genre.

Magic Study was EPIC! I genuinely loved every second for it and I am totally kicking myself for not reading it sooner. I can't wait to read Fire Study and find out how this series finished. MVS is incredible and I can't wait to read more. If you haven't read this series yet I urge you to do so. You will not be disappointed.

"Your life is like this snake's coils. No matter how many turns it makes, you'll end up back where you belong. With me."