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Wait For You (Wait For You #1)

Wait for You  - J. Lynn

Some things are worth waiting for…

Traveling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten can escape what happened at the Halloween party five years ago—an event that forever changed her life. All she needs to do is make it to her classes on time, make sure the bracelet on her left wrist stays in place, not draw any attention to herself, and maybe—please God—make a few friends, because surely that would be a nice change of pace. The one thing she didn’t need and never planned on was capturing the attention of the one guy who could shatter the precarious future she’s building for herself.

Some things are worth experiencing…

Cameron Hamilton is six feet and three inches of swoon-worthy hotness, complete with a pair of striking blue eyes and a remarkable ability to make her want things she believed were irrevocably stolen from her. She knows she needs to stay away from him, but Cam is freaking everywhere, with his charm, his witty banter, and that damn dimple that’s just so… so lickable. Getting involved with him is dangerous, but when ignoring the simmering tension that sparks whenever they are around each other becomes impossible, he brings out a side of her she never knew existed.

Some things should never be kept quiet…

But when Avery starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls forcing her to face a past she wants silenced, she has no other choice but to acknowledge that someone is refusing to allow her to let go of that night when everything changed. When the devastating truth comes out, will she resurface this time with one less scar? And can Cam be there to help her or will he be dragged down with her?

And some things are worth fighting for…




"There's not a single part of you that I don't want, you understand?"

Oh. Mother of all things holy! This books was just.... there are actually no words! I have officially been rendered speechless... and trust me that is not easy to do. Jennifer L Armentrout has proved her title as the reigning queen of everything bookish. You've seen her do YA, you've seen her do Adult... but you have seen absolutely nothing because this book is without a doubt her best yet. Get ready guys to see her do NA. And man is she the queen of NA. I have read quite a lot of NA, I love it, but nothing... NOTHING prepared me for the epic awesomeness that is Wait For You

Socially awkward Avery needed to get away from her home. After being hated by everyone there and called a 'lying whore' all she wanted was to leave and start a fresh and college was the perfect opportunity. Moving to West Virginia was the right decision for Avery and she is finally in a place completely new where nobody knows her and her past. When Avery almost knocks over the drop-dead gorgeous Cam on her first day and friendship blossoms. Cam and Avery are obviously attracted to each other but can there really be something more when both are hiding very serious things about their pasts? Can they work through their pasts in order to be each others future?

First I just have to say Jennifer... I bow down to you, like I said before you are literally the queen of everything. I have been obsessed with Jen for over a year now ever since reading Obsidian and let me tell you nothing she has wrote so far can ever do justice to the epicness of Wait For You. Jennifer really proves herself as the best author in existence in this book. Her writing style is phenomenal and she combines everything you could possibly want in a book in this one. It is sexy, cute, emotional and funny and all of those just have the perfect balance. There were moments where I was left completely breathless by the romance. There were moments where I was blushing at the sexiness... yes blushing at a book! And let me tell you I read a lot of Adult and NA romance books... and I have never blushed but I did at this while she also had me swooning and sighing while my insides were melted into a puddle on the floor! I laughed out loud so many times in this book I mean it is just so funny while the next moment I had tears in my eyes it was so emotional. This book has depth! I mean seriously is there nothing this woman can't do? I don't think there is! She is just perfect at literally everything!

Avery, I think Avery is officially my favourite book female protagonist of all time she is amazing. She is such a strong person, not in a kick-ass way but in a real emotionally strong way. She has been through so much shit in her life and I really don't know how she isn't just a mess, laying in bed and just crying constantly coz let me tell you if that happened to me I'm pretty sure that's how I would be. She is so incredibly strong and it is really uplifting to read about her and see just how she goes on with her life no matter what. And she really doesn't see how incredible she is and I love that. She is the most inspirational realistic character I've ever read about.

Cam... Okay first of all I have dibbs! I already told Jen so yeah... he is mine. Never in my life did I ever think that anyone could beat my boy Aiden from Jen's Covenant series... and I still love him... I do... but Cam... Cam is just something else! Right from the moment we met him I was reading this this ridiculous big grin on my face! He is just amazing. He is cocky, arrogant, sweet and amazing! He made my heart melt. He is the perfect guy in a real way. He is the guy that you could totally bump into in the street. A guy who is so confident it's cocky but also the most sweetest caring guy ever. He has his flaws but who doesn't? He is perfect and I am totally and utterly in love! He is just.... *swoon*

I loved everything about this book. Absolutely everything! I mean there is literally nothing wrong with this book. The whole thing is just incredible. I love Cam and Avery's relationship. They have this amazing banter together and really bounce off each other. No matter when cocky arrogant comment he throws her way she just gives as good as she gets! I think there relationship is just so realistic and amazing, and it's one of my favourite things in the book. Wait For You is the best damn book I have ever read and in my opinion no other NA Contemp even comes close to the epicness of this book. It's funny, it's sexy, has romance that makes you just about die with cuteness and it is so deep and emotional you will have tears in your eyes many times. I don't think I have ever read a NA Contemporary novel with as much depth as this one. It really moved me and by the end I was just speechless over how inspirational and uplifting it was as well as being sexy and cute and funny and emotional. This book is perfect! No book EVER could quite compare with this one and will never replace the place in my heart that I have for this book. This book is without a doubt a must-read. It is not to be missed under any circumstances. I have always said that Jennifer's books are my favourite and it's true all of her books are phenomenal in my eyes Wait For You just literally blew everything else out of the water. It blew me away and took my breath and my heart away. It was just incredible. Everyone has to read this book!

Nothing I say will ever do this book justice... it is that phenomenal so just go out and read it and judge for yourself just how phenomenal it is. Wait For You will always have a special place in my heart. I have never been so moved by a book as I was with this one. It rendered my speechless and after finishing I just hugged the book (well kindle) and rocked back and forth for about an hour. This book is just.... the best book I have ever read in my life and I am so excited for others to read so we can gush about it together... so go! go! go!

"Life wasn't meant to be perfect. It was messy and sometimes it was a disaster, but there was a beauty in the messiness and there could be peace in the disaster."