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Switch (New World #1)

Switch - Janelle Stalder

All’s fair in love and war.

Two thirds of the world's population has been wiped out, devastated by the worst war earth has ever seen. Still standing amongst the ruins is a mind reader who finds herself on the wrong side of the war. Everyone does what they must to survive. When the rebels bent on bringing down the New World leader start to rise up, it is her job to make sure they stay down where they belong. That is, until one rebel sneaks past her defences and into her heart. Love will blossom from the ashes, but will it be enough to save them, or will it mean the end of them both?




Oh. My. God! There are seriously no words to explain my seriously obsession and love for this book. Janelle Stalder is seriously becoming one of my favourite author of all time. I adore her. I first came across Janelle's work when she sent me her debut fantasy novel Eden for review and I seriously fell head over heels in love with it. When she told me about her new novel which was a dystopia I instantly knew it was a must-read. I adore Janelle's writing and world building and I am such a sucker for a good dystopia.... Before reading Switch I truly thought that nothing Janelle wrote could quite live up to Eden... but boy was I wrong. She has done it again! I was completely sucked into this world right from the start and literally could not put it down. If it wasn't for the fact that I really needed to sleep I could have easily finished this book in one sitting. It is that fantastic!

Two thirds of the world's population has been wiped out. We are left with a broken society and a ruthless ruler. Charlotte has never wanted anything to do with the politics of her now broken society or the rebel's that want change. She just wants to keep her head down and survive as best she can with her older sister. But when the ruthless leaders' second hand man walks into her life and discovers her secret she knows nothing will be the same. Dragged into the ongoing war between the new government and the rebels Charlotte's job is to keep unknown and stop those threatening her leader. But when she meets one rebel she starts to have feelings she has never experienced before. Stuck on two opposite sides of a war they must decide between their duty and their love. Can love really conquer all when the world could be dependent on their decision?

Janelle's writing style just gets better and better with each book that she writes. I seriously cannot put her books down. No matter how many pages her books are I pretty much demolish them in a couple of hours. I have no more words to just explain how much I love her! She is without a doubt one of the most phenomenal authors out there and I will never ever tire of her work. She is just fantastic! Switch is seriously one of the best dystopia novels I have ever read. It really completely sucked me in and gave me that 'dystopia-love' feeling I got while reading The Hunger Games and Divergent... but I think I may love Switch even more. There is not one single thing that I didn't love about this book. It was just completely perfect!

Charlotte, oh hail the queen of kick-ass heroines. Charlotte is freaking AWESOME! I don't think I've ever met a heroine more kick-ass than her. She is strong, independent and freaking powerful! All the ingredients for a phanomenal heroine! I love her! I love her strength and I love how she start off as this innocent 16 year old girl and grown into this powerful strong woman. She grows so much in this book but I also love how even though she changes into this kick-ass heroine nobody in their right mind would mess with she still has this vulnerability. It makes her more human and somebody that we can all relate to.

Pete... oh my bestill my heart because I am 100% in love! I thought Wolf from Janelle's Eden series was swoon-worthy... Pete is just epically amazing. I adore him! He is strong, protective, sexy. Total badboy while still being such a sweet and loving guy underneath. He had me grinning at my eReader like a complete fool all the way through the book... and I blushed! I NEVER blush at books but Pete made the impossible possible. I am just completely and utterly in love!

Switch just completely blew me away! I mean my expectations were already crazy high because of how much I adore Janelle's Eden series but this just completely blew those expectations out of the water and surpassed any thought I could have ever had about how awesome this would be. It was the awesomeness I knew would be there but it was so much more than that. I just loved every moment and I was hanging on every single word. A dinosaur could have walked into my room when I was reading this and I wouldn't have even noticed. I was far to engrossed in this incredible world and story. All I can say is Janelle is fast becoming my second favourite author (Sorry Janelle but nobody beats JLA ;P) and I just seriously cannot wait for her next work, whether it be in the Eden series or this one. It's official I am obsessive Janelle fangirl for life!

I loved every single second of it and I just want to go and re-read it over and over again. This is a must-read for everyone. You love dystopia? You MUST read this.... you don't like dystopia? You still must read this! It's phenomenal and fantastic but no words I could ever think of would do this book justice so you just gotta go get it and read it for yourself... what are you waiting for? GO! GO! GO!