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Peter Panelli (Love Tink #4)

Peter Panelli (Book 4 in the Love, Tink series) (Love Tink Series) - Elle Strauss

Peter’s back in New York. He’s grown used to his new, older body, his mom’s inquisitiveness and the fact that his father still lives in London. He has his girlfriend, Wendy. She’s safe, easy-going, reliable. And she doesn’t know what happened to him the two years he was gone.
No one does.

Then the new girl, Belle, arrives and shakes everything up. Wendy doesn’t like her, and weird things happen when she’s around. Plus, she’s cute and she’s intent on getting Peter’s attention.
She gets it.

Belle’s true identity is revealed and now they’re both in trouble. Hook’s in town and he’s after them. Peter has something that he wants and if he delivers it, Hook promises to leave them alone.
If only it were so easy





Peter was so happy to escape from Neverland and be back with his family. After finding out the true identity of the new girl Belle, Peter is relieved to have someone who knows what happened to him in the two years that he was missing. But then that becomes the least of his worried when they find that Hook is in town. Peter and Tink are both in danger... can they both escape it unscathed?

Peter Panelli is without a doubt my favourite installment of the Love, Tink Series. I found it very refreshing for it to be told from Peter's POV rather than Tink's. I loved seeing his point of view on what had happened and was happening to him since coming back from Neverland.

Love, Tink is a fantastic series and perfect for any fans of fairy tale retellings and Peter Pan. I would suggest this series to anyone as it is fantastic and definitely worth the read. It's perfect for all ages, especially those with hectic schedules as they each episode can be read in a lunch break or something like that. This series is definitey not to be missed out on!