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Love Stinks (Love Tink #3)

Love Stinks - Elle Strauss

LOVE STINKS, the third episode in the Love, Tink novella series finds Tinkerbell enrolled in a New York City school as Belle Fehr.

Peter Panelli finally notices her, but not in the way she would like. Wendy has her claws in deep and Peter appears devoted to her.

Should “Belle” give up and go back to Neverland? How exactly is she to do that?

And what is with that man she spotted in Central Park who looks suspiciously like Captain Hook?




Tinkerbell has enrolled in Peter's school and is distraught to find that he has a girlfriend. The horrible Wendy who is just horrible to Tink. When Peter notices her it is not in the way Tink hoped but rather as the girl who is being horrible to his girlfriend. Should Tink just give up and go back to Neverland to nurse her broken heart? Tink doesn't know how to get there and she is ready to give up when she sees a man who looks suspiciously like Captain Hook... Could he have followed her there? How and what does he want?

Another fantastic installment of the Love, Tink series and I really loved it. I feel like the more I read the more addicted to this novella series I am becoming. I was so emotionally invested in this one. I desperately wanted to just give Tink a push and tell her to keep going and don't give up. I love Tink. She is awesome and the more I read the more I love her but in this one she was a little whiny with her broken heart. I kind of wanted to slap some sense into her.

Each time I read one of these novellas I can't put them down until I have finished. They are cute and addictive and as per usual I was left going... so when is the next one out... I need it! This series it definitely worth the read. I really enjoyed Love Stinks and I can't wait to read the next installment.