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New York, New York (Love Tink #2)

New York, New York - Elle Strauss

In Episode Two, Tink makes it to Peter's New York and is more than a little daunted by what she discovers. Under the guise of Belle Fehr, Tink registers at the school Peter attends. Her dreamy reunion is crushed when she finds that not only does he not recognize her, he has a girlfriend named Wendy!



Tinkerbell is distraught to lose Peter. Ever since she helped Peter escape from Neverland she has been completely miserable. After much deliberation Tink decides to go after him to His New York City. What Tink doesn't count on is that New York City is a scarey, loud horrible place compared to Neverland and all she wants is to find Peter and get back to Neverland. But things don't go to plan when she discovers that not only does Peter not recognise her but he also has a new girlfriend Wendy.

I love love loved this installment. I really loved seeing how Wendy comes into it and being from Tink's point of view you really kind of hate Wendy. Or at least I did. I am completely rooting for Tink and Peter to work out that to me Wendy is just in the way who needs to just go!

One thing I adored about this installment was getting to see Tink's reaction to New York City and how she doesn't know what cars or anything is and it made it really funny to see the human's reaction to Tink. This installment was very cleaverly thought out and I loved every moment of it.

Elle's writing once again completely hooked me and left me reeling dying to read the next installment of Tink and Peter's journey. This series is so addictive and if you love light fun reads that will only take about half an hour to read then you must pick up this series it is so cute.