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Dark Flame (Immortals #4)

Dark Flame  - Alyson Noel

I liked this book a lot more than the previous one.
It follows Ever as she has to explain to Damen the big mistake she made in the previous book and how they go about trying to find an antidote and fix it. They also have to deal with Roman, the evil Immortal who ruined the relationship between them.

Ever really irritated me in this book. I know people make mistaked throughout their life but the mistakes that Ever made seem to be a little too often and they are stupid mistakes most people would not make.
I really felt for Damen as he realised the mistake Ever made and he realised that if they tries to be together his life would be in danger.

I loved that Jude came into it as another soul mate for Ever and I really like him. He is such a sweet guy who only wants what is best for Ever.



Dark Flame Review on K-Books


I didn't really like this book as much as the others. I think the ending was good and it made me want to read the next book but it's definitely not my favourite.
I couldn't help but feel like the series is getting a little bit dragged out with them still not finding the antidote.

However, I couldn't believe how good the ending of the book was. How they were so close to getting the antidote but also failed completely. I was glad with what happened to Roman in the end as I have hated him from the moment he came into the books but I did really feel for him when you found out he has never experienced love so he doesn't know how to love anyone else.

I also really felt for Jude as he is so sweet and all he wants is for Ever to love him back when everyone knows she is going to stay with Damen.

This book definitely felt like a stepping stone but I still can't wait to see what happens in the next book.