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City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1)

City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare

Review Posted on K-Books: http://k-booksxo.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/city-of-bones-mortal-instruments-1.html


This is one of the best starts to a series i have ever read.

The story follows Clary, a fifteen year old girl who feels like she is different from everyone else. Little does she know she is. Clary meets the mysterious Jace and his friends Isabelle and Alec and is suddenly thrown into a hidden world she could never have imagined. Jace is a Shadow Hunter, a Nephilim, a rare race that is made to protect the world from demons and Downworlders. Clary soon discovers her mother has been lying to her her whole life as Clary is a Shadow Hunter with no memories. As Clary, Jace and the others go on a journey to unblock Clary's mind and find out what her blocked memories hold there is something bigger going on in the Shadow Hunter world. Valentine, a Shadow Hunter who wants revenge, has kidnapped Clary's comatose mother and she will do anything to get her mom back, even if it means risking her own life.

I really loved this book, it was amazing and i automatically fell head over heels for Jace. He's just the character that you cannot help but love. There was so much action in this book and it was so fast-paced i couldn't put it down. Whenever i put the book down i found myself wanting to pick it back up and read the entire thing in one sitting as i needed to know what was going to happen.
There was a huge twist at the end that i did not see coming at all and i can't wait for the next book.
An amazing debut to what's going to be an amazing series.