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Stargazer (Evernight #2)

STARGAZER - Claudia Gray

I was really pleasantly surprised with this book, i was really sceptical about it because of the first one but i really enjoyed reading this one.

It follows Bianca, after she has returned to Evernight Academy after the drama at the end of the last book. She has to deal with living there without Lucas, and put up with everyone around her hating Lucas. She strikes a bargain with Balthazar, who is also in love with her who helps her sneak out to see Lucas if they help her with finding his sister. However, there is a lot of drama at Evernight Academy this year as we are introduced to the Wraiths. Wraiths are the spirits who hate vampires just as vampires hate them.
I really felt for Bianca in this book as she had to deal with so much, trying to keep her relationship alive with Lucas when they could only have moments together every so often, her confusing feelings for Balthazar, and finding out about the Wraiths and all the secrets her parents have been keeping from her.

I really fell for Balthazar in this book, he is just so sweet and lovely and i just really wanted to give him a hug.
I really love that Bianca doesn't lead him on as so many female characters in other books do. She was completely straight with him while she works out her feelings and once she does tells him the complete truth. That really doesn't happen in books very often so i really loved that.
I love the aspect of the Wraiths coming into it, as i find that it makes the story so much more exciting.

This was a big improvement from the first book, however i gave it 4 stars as i think that something bigger will happen and that the excitement could have happened earlier in the book to keep it more exciting.
Can't wait to see how the story develops in the next book.