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Evernight (Evernight #1)

Evernight  - Claudia Gray

I was really torn between giving this book 3 or 4 stars but in the end settled for 4 coz i really did enjoy it.

Evernight follows Bianca, a girl who is sent to Evernight Academy with her parents when they get jobs there. She doesn't fit in at all, you have the in-group who are posh, snobby and bitchy who Bianca really doesn't fit in with and then you have the out-casts who she doesn't feel like she fits in with at all. She feels like the only one who doesn't belong there and the only one who doesn't have a choice to be there or not. Then she meets Lucas, he is dreamy and drop-dead gorgeous. They bond immediately and start falling for each other really quickly. However, it turns out that they are both keeping secrets from each other, deadly ones that could put the other in immediate danger.

I really didn't think that i would like this book as much as i did as the beginning was very slow and kinda boring. After you find out the secrets that Lucas and Bianca have been keeping from each other the pace picks up and becomes very exciting and action-packed.
It is a great twist on a vampire romance which i haven't really seen in any other PNR books.
I really loved that Bianca isn't one of the girls in PNR books you see so often who are really whiny and can't believe that they are going out with their boyfriend. I love how she takes control of the situation and realises that he likes her and fight to get what she wants.
However, as always you have the love triangle and i do love both guys. Balthazar, is just adorable and really just wants Bianca to be happy whether that is with him or with Lucas. My opinions changed so much while reading this book. At first i was so Team Lucas but then as you found out his secrets i turned to Team Balthazar, but then as the storyline played out i turned back to Team Lucas. So who knows which team i will be on by the end of the next book.