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Night Star (Immortals #5)

Night Star  - Alyson Noel

I definitely liked this better than the previous book.

Night Star follows Ever as she comes to terms with the fact that with Roman gone there are no other leads to finding the antidote her and Damen need to truly be together. Ever has trouble dealing with the fact that her former best friend wants to kill her, and the fact that Damen is keeping secrets from her. As ever tries to work through all of her problems, she finds herself being tossed into the shadowland and finding out everything about Damen and discovering everything he kept from her resulting on her returning to the real world and bringing her and Damen closer.

Ever actually really annoyed me in this book, how she wouldn't speak to Damen not even giving him a chance to explain and totally leading Jude on as she was going through the confusion of which guy she is supposed to be with. I was very glad that she finally choose for good which guy she is going to be with.

I found that the beginning of the book was quite slow but it picked up about a third of the way through and turned out to be my favourite of the series so far. However i cannot help but think it is just a stepping stone towards the next and final book of the series. It seems like Alyson Noel is just trying to spread teh story out for another book with not a lot happening apart from finding out the secrets and dealing with Haven.

I cannot wait to read the last instalment of the series and find out how it all ends.