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Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood - Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, David Leslie Johnson

I really enjoyed this book. I decided to read this book after i saw the trailer for the movie.
I loved this new twist on the classic fairytale.
It follows Valerie, a girl who lives in a small town which is threatened by a wolf. As Valerie has to come to terms with being in love with Peter but being betrothed to Henry. As she is ready to run away with her love, the wolf strikes the village with tragedy as her sister's body is found. Having to cope with her sisters death and trying to find out who the wolf is, she is tormented by the fact that the wolf is drawn to her and she can hear it when no-one else can.
I felt so much along with Valerie in this book. I felt her heartbreak as she had to come to terms with being betrothed to someone other than the person she loved.
I really felt that this book would have been so much better written in the first person as it would have made it more personal to the main characters. The book reads more like a movie as you see the perspective of all of the characters in a scene rather than the main characters.

The thing i really hated about this book is that there isn't an ending. As the book came out alongside the movie and producers did not want to ruin the end of the movie and so the last chapter will be released online after the movie has been released. I really didn't see the point in that and really just want to find out what will happen next.