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Girl in the Mirror

Girl in the Mirror - Cecelia Ahern

I was really expecting more from this book.
It was very short, only 89 pages and had two stories in.

The first, the girl in the mirror, followed Lila who lived with her grandmother as a child who was blind and afraid of mirrors. She kept all the mirrors covered with black cloth even though she couldn't see. Years later on the morning of Lila's wedding she uncovers one of the mirrors and touches it, afterwards she finds herself dragged into the mirror with no return.
In the second, the memory maker, the story followed a man who had very bad memories that he wanted to forget them so he created a machine that could make new memories of things that never happened to take over from the painful memories.

I didn't really like the stories in this book as they were so short that there kinda wasn't enough time for anything to start. There is really not much I can say as nothing really did happen in either of the stories, as you came close to something that could potentially turn into a story it was finished. You couldn't feel emotion with the characters as it didn't go into detail with it.

I was very disappointed especially as i love Cecelia Ahern, she is my favourite author and her books made me fall in love with reading so I was expecting something great from her next book. I will definitely read her next novel as they are always great but maybe next time a short story of hers gets released I will give it a miss.