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Storm Born (Dark Swan #1) - 5 Stars

Storm Born  - Richelle Mead

I loved this book. I originally picked it up just because it was wrote by Richelle Mead. I loved her Vampire Academy series and really wanted to read her other works. This book is very different from VA but equally as amazing.
Eugenie is a shaman, known as Odile, Dark Swan. Her job is to rid the human world of dark spirits, demons and fae who cross over from the Otherworld. She despises going into the Otherworld and avoids it at all costs if she can. But then Eugenie stumbles across a case she can't ignore. A human girl kidnapped and taken into the Otherworld. In her attempt to find her and bring her back Eugenie stumbles across a lot of family secrets, including who and what she is.

I was immediately sucked into this book. I read it in about 2 days which is really quick for me to read a book that is almost 500 pages but I couldn't put it down. I was addicted to this world that Richelle has built and the characters she has created. Every time I put the book down all I was thinking was what would happen next in this book with these characters.
I instantly loved Eugenie, she is such a great character. She is so strong and won't take no crap from anyone. Who doesn't love to read a book with a main character with that attitude? I was amazed at how well she dealt with everything and took everything in her stride as she started discovering all of these secrets about herself and her family and finding out who she is.
Kiyo, what can I say about Kiyo? Well first of all I loved him and thought he was sweet but then as I read more my feeling towards him started to turn a bit sour. I think he's a great character but I don't really love him as I usually do the love interest in these kinds of books. I just felt there was something about him that I didn't like and I really don't like him by the end of this book either. I am definitely Team Dorian all the way. I love him. I love how funny he is and every scene Dorian was in I found myself laughing. He is definitely my favourite character and I can't wait to see what Dorian and Eugenie's relationship will be like in the next book.

I thought this was a great start to a new series and I am really excited to see what happens next. Both with the plot (after the shock ending) and with the characters relationships. Richelle is indeed a literary genius and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next