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Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls #2) - 5 Stars

Linger  - Maggie Stiefvater

I absolutely loved this book. If not better is was definately as good as Shiver.

It follows Sam and Grace as their relationship blossoms, however her family do not approve of their relationship and they must fight as hard as they can to stay together. But when Grace falls ill with symptoms looking strangely like that of a changing werewolf Sam doesn't know what to do to save her and he must make the hardest decision of his life.

I loved this book, I'm not sure whether it is better than Shiver because I loved both. I was so surprised that I loved this as much as I did. Usually in a trilogy I love the first book and I love the last book but don't enjoy the middle book quite as much because it seems like it's only building up to the last book without having good substance as well. This was not the case as all, obviously it was still building up to the last book but with the storyline progressing at the same time and I could not say one bad thing about this book, it's just incredible.

I loved that we got different POVs in this other than Sam and Grace. We were introduced to Cole and Shelby and I loved seeing their story progress as well as Sam and Grace's.

This book was so emotional for me and I couldn't stop crying at the end of the book. I was heartbroken and I just wanted Forever straight away so I could see what happened, I pray that Sam and Grace will get their happy ending and I just can't wait for forever to be released so that I can finally see what happens.